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Decision-making processes in politics and economics often exclude a person. Our discourse-machine contributes to the fact that your opinions and ideas become visible, in order to have more influence on these processes.

What is the DMS and the discourse-machine?

The Dialog Management System (DMS) is a dialogue and publication platform on which we create various interactive workflows in the Internet. Such workflows facilitate the communication of citizens and their administration, or the companies and their customers. Through this platform, groups can be easily organised to work out and disseminate all kinds of information among themselves.
The discourse machine is the functional tool of the DMS which has been designed specially for public participation projects. It is being used in various big cities and towns for city planning and civic participatory budget proposals.

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What is the current project?

Discussion in Dresden

On 5th of June 2010 the City of Dresden started an open online-dialog about the development of a historical place in the center of the city, called Neumarkt Platz. Over the course of 4 weeks citizens are invited to discuss their ideas and proposals and comment on the ideas of other participants. The website offers information about the history and architecture of the place. At the end the results will be evaluated, documented and integrated in the announcement of the construction plan. Especially for this project Twitter was integrated in the discourse-machine of Binary Objects. This makes it possible to comment and work on the news of Twitter in the same way as with the other proposals on the website and send them back to Twitter afterwards.

Debatte Dresden.
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What does Binary Objects offer?

We consider ourselves as a service company for communication technologies and information services. Our current emphasis lies on the section of knowledge management systems: either websites, which can contain a content management system or complex Internet/Intranet solutions with large-scale database connections. We are a service provider for web-based communication and information technologies. We develop and supervise Internet Public Forum projects, Dialogue and Knowledge Management Systems in corporations and we carry out Rapid Prototyping of Web Usage for agencies.

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